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Animal shelters and rescue groups around the country provide a much needed service for stray and abandoned animals, yet the recognition of these valuable services and the people who tirelessly work them often goes unnoticed. bad dog frida, LLC wants to help in raising awareness of these valuable groups. Each quarter we will focus on a different animal shelter or rescue group. On our website you will find information about them, a link to their website and the animals that they have available for adoption. During that quarter a percentage of our proceeds will be donated to the organization. Please also consider supporting them through your financial and in-kind donations and by adopting from these groups. Wonderful animals come from shelters and the gratitude they will show to you will last a lifetime!


 Friends of Noah-WI rescues through a network of committed volunteers who open their homes to fostering stray and abandoned animals.  Our goal is to get every animal into a forever, loving home.

Friends of Noah-WI evaluates all of the rescue animals for temperament and personality. This helps us place them in homes that are well suited to each animal's need and to the needs of their future families.  We encourage families to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

FoN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization made up solely of volunteers with no paid staff.

Our Mission Statement reads:  "To provide new opportunities for stray and abandoned animals through placement into permanent homes, educating the public, and offering assistance to pet owners struggling to provide for their pets."

For more information, please visit our website at , or Like or Facebook page:  Friends of Noah-WI.






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